jueves, 16 de abril de 2009


According to magnetic laws it makes sense. I'm a shaft of light, you're a photograph . Cheese ! In the picture you kiss my lips, and I kiss yours. Then you kiss my chest, my back, my legs and slip your hands so gently through my damp skin from shoulder to fingers. Stop. Image, image, image. And Recording. Trembling you touched my hands with your fingertips, softly at the beginning. I wish I knew was done next, but I didn't care at all. In the midtime I suppose that I fell asleep while seeing the full moon reflecting everywhere. You saw me and realized that my upper and lower eyelashes where both glued to each other. But it seemed it didn't stop anything. What's that smell? Something is burning. Your hands, that were so nicely touching mine, were now killingly hot and holding my arms so tightly that they reached my humerus, burning them too. Stop spitting needles out at me, if only I knew they were not mean to hurt me, but to sew me on. The idea felt so powerful, so attractive, so healing, so sweet that I could chew it for an eternity. I've fallen down the deep hole.

4 comentarios:

  1. This text is yours? I love it! ♥

  2. Yo creo que nunca terminamos de caer en el pozo del todo
    (por suerte)

    Y entrar al blog con Karma Police fue(L)

  3. Wow Pau, no sabía que escribías así HDP!
    Bancala con tu talento querida eh! Haha, sos sorprendente desalmadita, me encantó, t juro, me re sedujo (y no de manera sexual haha) ♥