lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

One-night poem

I'm wearing the same underwear you saw me in that time.
If you don't recall, it is light pink and lime.
It reminds me of that day, the alcohol, the music and the cigarettes.
I remember the moonlight drawing softly in the wall our silhouettes.
I remember that day, when I finally had you just for my own.
I remember that hug in the end, the sweat, and your cologne.
You through me away, and I realised that you didn't care about me eventually.
And I managed to let you know that I gave a shit about you too, foolishly.
The childish illusion, makes me dream of you, every single day.
Hoping to find that you desperately want me someday.
The childish illusion covers the reality that you are just another name in my "things I desire but I can not posses" list.
That we share just one nice night.
And that you are just one memory that disappears in the mist.

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