sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

7 días.

Para Placebo. En el 2007 no pude ir por mi viaje de 15 u.u'. Ahora soy feliz.

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  1. HI girl

    i know you're wondering Who fuck i am?

    well, im just a totally stranger girl

    who admires your pics!

    i need to see all, and

    i really like your nose ring :)

    and of course you write very well

    you must be kinda writer or something like that

    ok, girl.

    if you need someone who talk

    you can do it anyway

    my email is ambarbomboncito@hotmail.com

    i know maybe sounds funny, but i love how it sounds!!

    if you are interested.... if your not, no prob.

    have a good day, and stand love Placebo.

    bye bye