jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009

Shapeless Monologue

I’m a silhouette, someone’s memory you’ve got about. I could change my personality and my shape if you want it too. You can only see me in dreams and you can do whatever you want with me. You are also allowed to kiss me, fuck me, kill me or eat me. Anything.
The fact is that you should not juggle with me just like that, I have a boilng point, don’t be silly.
It gets on my nerves when the boss goes like, “tarara” - just a way of saying it –, closes his eyes and plays with me as if I were plasticine and as if he were a fucking immature and dreaming child, for God’s sake.
That’s when I expand and turn myself into black. Yes, I grow larger and larger all over your vision. My boss is now in shadows and I love it, it excites me. He is not able to understand it, to open his eyer nor see . Who is laughing now, huh?
I decide it’s enough, I’m not a bad .. hologram? . No, I’m not, and I know that. He opens his eyes and the light burns my nonexistent body and every particle I wish I had disappear from the face of my world. Till the next time. I’m looking foward to it. I miss you already.

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