lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

Velvety Final

Theater curtains up.
Act one:
(To myself)
Not sickly romantic. Not stupidly in love. Not sweet flying dreamer.
No longer all that useless garbage combo. Feet on the shitty ground, at last.
Scene one:
Throw away every idea you had about love at the time you let the ashes fall down from your cigarrette.
Scene two:
Drink my deep vengeance as the hot coffee burns your frozen throat, from frozen body, frozen heart.
Scene three:
I'll be there when the earthquake make it collapse, and I'll make sure to enjoy it to the last drop.
Scene four:
Indifference & Lust are both visible on my pupil and cornea. Pull my optical nerves to prove it.
Scene five:
Hello my dearest selfish bastard, I'm a neverending dying stomachache.
Scene six:
Theater curtains fall.

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